I think I ate my willpower…

According to my pocket Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of willpower is “energetic determination.” I do believe that the word energetic is a tad bit misleading…When dieting we all know it takes willpower in order to be successful but who goes skipping and dancing around their house like the Energizer diet bunny all happy that they are yet on another diet?

I have started the Scarsdale Diet at least three times lately and I will do great for a few days but then all of a sudden I don’t know what happens…Well, one night I went out with friends and drank and was merry and perhaps had one too many Kamikaze shots or maybe it was the late night popcorn snacking and plate of eggs and toast that went along with it….I got right back on my diet the next day but apparently the damage was done because my steady weight loss for the week came to an complete stop for the next four days. This sucks. But did I have fun? Yes. Do I regret messing up my diet? No.

Monday is only a couple of days away and back on I go with a smile on my face and that energetic determination in my step.

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With a bunch of butt shots with measurements (yes I said measurements!) coming up to the slow rocking beat of stripper music, my video Fat Chicks and Unfriendly Chairs definitely has the market cornered on making light of being heavy 🙂  Making Light of Being Heavy is a comical book with opinions and observations from a fat chick’s point of view that puts an unexpected and funny spin on dealing with the fat gene!

Until next time, keep laughing!

Another day, another diet…

So I have successfully completed two weeks of the Scarsdale Diet and have lost 14 more pounds.  Yay!!  Getting closer and closer to my goal.  I have given myself smaller goals to achieve like getting to 20 pounds.  It is funny though, even though I have lost over 50 pounds, people who see me all the time I don’t think are even noticing….What I think it is is that they see me as fat anyway and since I am still fat I must still just look like the same ol’ Kandy who is fat.  On the flip side though, I have run into a few people who I have not seen in several months and they have definitely noticed.  It sure feels good when they tell you how great you look.  A little validation certainly goes a long way in this business of dieting.

Recently I came across an article called “Does Being Thin Mean Being Happy?” http://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/does-being-thin-mean-being-happy-1.684609 The assumption is that being slim is the path to happiness.  According to Dr. Pam Spur, psychologist, a woman’s weight has more impact on her personal happiness than her love life.  Her 24-year study of thousands of people found that obesity leads to more misery and suffering than being single, while being thin provides more satisfaction than in a relationship.  I would like to know who she has been interviewing.  She should have called me – I am a fat chick with a great love life that has been single, happy, and fat for many years enjoying every day of it!

Next month in November my book Making Light of Being Heavy will be on a virtual book tour and I will be posting updates with reviews and interviews.  I am still working on the book trailer but hoping to have it complete for the book tour as well.

Until next time, keep laughing!