Turn down the heat to lose weight…

Don’t go on a diet, just pitch a tent outside to lose weight in the winter. According to an article on The Body Odd, a new study suggests that if you lower the temperature in your home you just might lose weight. “Researchers suspect that rising indoor temperatures in British and American homes may have contributed to the obesity epidemic. The theory is that we burn fewer calories when our bodies don’t have to work as hard to stay warm, according to a report published in Obesity Reviews.”

“Research into the environmental drivers behind obesity, rather than the genetic ones, has tended to focus on diet and exercise – which are undoubtedly the major contributors,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. Fiona Johnson, of the UK Health Behavior Research Centre at University College, London. “However, it is possible that other environmental factors, such as winter indoor temperatures, may also have a contributing role.”  http://bodyodd.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/01/26/5917711-turn-down-the-thermostat-your-heater-may-be-making-you-fat

Well, since I already practically freeze myself and son out in the winter to save money on oil, it must be that dang fat gene that keeps me from getting skinny in the winter.

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With a bunch of butt shots with measurements (yes I said measurements!) coming up to the slow rocking beat of stripper music, my video Fat Chicks and Unfriendly Chairs definitely has the market cornered on making light of being heavy 🙂  Making Light of Being Heavy is a comical book with opinions and observations from a fat chick’s point of view that puts an unexpected and funny spin on dealing with the fat gene!

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Seriously?? A fat tax??

So according to the article, “Study Shows Fat Tax Is Ideal To Cut Obesity Rates,” the latest and greatest way to deal with what is commonly referred to as the obesity epidemic is to create a fat taxhttp://news.softpedia.com/news/Study-Shows-Fat-Tax-Is-Ideal-to-Cut-Obesity-Rates-166345.shtml

Are these people for real?  The “proposal suggests treating foods high in fat, salt and sugar in the same way as tobacco, where advertising is restricted and price has been pushed up, will discourage use.”  I think the jury is still out on that one because all those die-hard cigarette smokers out there are still buying cigarettes and smoking a pack a day because it is what they want to do, regardless of the cost.  I do not believe restriction in advertising at this point in the game is going to affect a person’s decision on what they eat, and I certainly do not see “fattening” foods being eliminated from society any time soon.

Of course, the decision for a “fat tax” seems to be geared toward the assumption that people are getting fat mainly because they are overindulging in foods with a lot of fat, sugar, and salt.  What about Soso Whaley who only ate McDonald’s for an entire month, lost 10 pounds, and had a 40-point decrease in her cholesterol level

I am not trying to make the argument that the consumption of fast food, extra salt, and extra sugar does not play a role in a person’s propensity to gain weight or even perhaps be obese.  However, I reiterate once again that genetics play just as great a role which we have no control over so the next time I am having a Big Mac Attack I think I will head over to McDonald’s and have one!

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Finally, a little vindication for the fat chicks….

According to an the article on WebMD  “New Genes Linked to Obesity, Belly Fat” http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20101011/new-genes-linked-to-obesity-belly-fat?page=2 – two studies have identified 18 new genes linked to overall obesity and 13 more that influence whether your weight goes to your belly or to your thighs (the lovingly labeled apple shape or pear shape body).  These new findings may explain why blanket recommendations about exercise and eating right just don’t work for a lot of people.  Wow, imagine that.  This is exactly one of the points I was making in my book, Making Light of Being Heavy.

Anyone who is just normally skinny seriously cannot wrap their head around any reason for another person being fat, and these people include physicians, counselors, experts, etc., unless it is one of the obvious incorrect assumptions including eating too much, not enough exercise, and basically not taking care of oneself.  These studies do not surprise me in the least, but actually make total sense and validate my lifelong struggle with weight and many others like me.  Apparently, the more obesity genes you have the greater chance for you to have the risk of obesity and even greater difficulty in maintaining a “normal weight.”  Personally, I think the whole “normal weight” theory is a bunch of hogwash anyway because as I have said before, if we all fit perfectly into the predetermined guidelines set forth by our physicians, counselors, experts, etc. we would all be the same size.  And how normal would that be??

So there you have it, proof genetics plays a key role in our weight.  I am thinking I should e-mail Dr. Victor Bellonzi a copy of this information.  In my September 9, 2010, blog, “Fat gene or no fat gene…” Dr. Bellonzi states that genes are irrelevant to weight – http://www.diettr.com/the-staggering-cost-of-obesity-increases-to-100-billion-per-annum.html. With as many initials behind this guy’s name as he has you would think some common sense would come along with it but, as I said, he probably has never had a problem with his weight and doesn’t have the fat gene.

To all my fellow fat chicks and professional dieters, give yourself a break!  Life is good, get out and enjoy it – things will fall into place.

Hey!  Check out my YouTube video – Fat Chicks and Unfriendly Chairs


With a bunch of butt shots with measurements (yes I said measurements!) coming up to the slow rocking beat of stripper music, my video Fat Chicks and Unfriendly Chairs definitely has the market cornered on making light of being heavy 🙂  Making Light of Being Heavy is a comical book with opinions and observations from a fat chick’s point of view that puts an unexpected and funny spin on dealing with the fat gene!

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Another day, another diet…

So I have successfully completed two weeks of the Scarsdale Diet and have lost 14 more pounds.  Yay!!  Getting closer and closer to my goal.  I have given myself smaller goals to achieve like getting to 20 pounds.  It is funny though, even though I have lost over 50 pounds, people who see me all the time I don’t think are even noticing….What I think it is is that they see me as fat anyway and since I am still fat I must still just look like the same ol’ Kandy who is fat.  On the flip side though, I have run into a few people who I have not seen in several months and they have definitely noticed.  It sure feels good when they tell you how great you look.  A little validation certainly goes a long way in this business of dieting.

Recently I came across an article called “Does Being Thin Mean Being Happy?” http://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/does-being-thin-mean-being-happy-1.684609 The assumption is that being slim is the path to happiness.  According to Dr. Pam Spur, psychologist, a woman’s weight has more impact on her personal happiness than her love life.  Her 24-year study of thousands of people found that obesity leads to more misery and suffering than being single, while being thin provides more satisfaction than in a relationship.  I would like to know who she has been interviewing.  She should have called me – I am a fat chick with a great love life that has been single, happy, and fat for many years enjoying every day of it!

Next month in November my book Making Light of Being Heavy will be on a virtual book tour and I will be posting updates with reviews and interviews.  I am still working on the book trailer but hoping to have it complete for the book tour as well.

Until next time, keep laughing!

Yes, I know I am fat!


The title of the article I refer to was “Fat and Unaware: Most Obese Americans Don’t Think They Are.”  This was based on a new poll by Harris Interactive, a market research firm.  News flash people, we know we are fat and as a fat expert myself I would say the resistance would be not wanting to call oneself morbidly obese but maybe overweight instead or just simply fat as I resolve to do because even though “fat” is not the greatest word either, it sure sounds better than morbidly obese!

Why haven’t they come up with words for short people like “drastically underheight” or for the too thin of the world “radically emaciated” to be used when defining them??  I am pretty sure a short person regardless of liking that particular character trait or not would prefer to be called short and the same for a person who is too thin.

Over the years in my business with medical transcription I have typed “morbidly obese” a zillion times and still get a little irked each time I type it.  When a person is of “normal weight” (and I use that term loosely) the usual phrase is “well‑nourished, well-developed…” But then one day a doctor referred to the fat patient as “overly nourished.”  Ha!!  That made my day.

According to the poll, about half of the respondents thought that surgery was very or fairly effective in keeping off the weight.  “It’s not as simple as portion size and activity.” said Steven R. Smith, an obesity researcher at the Burnham Institute in Lake Nona.  Surprise, surprise Steve, I have known that since I was in grade school.  “Smith agrees that the surgery, though it can start at $12,000, can reduce diabetes, heart diseases, and mortality, and even save money in the long run.”

This is where I get a little riled up….how is it better to physically alter the body you were given during the miracle of birth by medically removing or banding a piece of your stomach so the end result will be basically the ability to ingest SMALLER AMOUNTS OF FOOD more often to lose weight.  Gee, give me a minute, but I think I have read somewhere that that is one of the recommended ways to lose weight without surgery….Again, call me crazy and I am no medical expert but surgery sure sounds like an asinine approach to take.  In my field of medical transcription, I have typed countless reports in which years later the digestive system is out of whack and the previous gastric bypass patients have lifelong medical issues directly related to the surgery.

According to the poll, most of the respondents really thought that they were fat because they did not get enough exercise.  Yes, exercise definitely is advantageous to a person overall but certainly not the determining factor as to why a person is fat.  Genetics plays more of a part than anything else out there.  Didn’t you get my memo??

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Fat gene or no fat gene…

Silhouettes and waist circumferences represent...

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In an article titled, “The Staggering Cost of Obesity Increases To $100 Billion Per Annum” it states that, “Obesity kills a staggering 300,000 Americans every single year and health-care expenditures and associated cost of obesity have gone up to a whooping $100 billion per annum. The World Bank roughly estimated that about 12 percent of the U.S. budget of health care is largely spent on the treatment of obesity.” Estimated 12% of the U.S. budget for health care is for fat people. So what about the other 88% of the budget…Call me crazy and I am no expert but I think the number of people who smoke in this country might be comparable to those who are fat and we never see handy-dandy informative articles like this one on how the detriments of cigarettes people smoke affect the healthcare budget. They certainly cannot blame me as part of the problem with obesity and the healthcare budget because being self-employed no insurance company will even cover me because I am “morbidly obese.” Hmmm…Strange considering I am healthy as a horse, no diabetes, no hypertension, no known hereditary risk factors, do not smoke, do not drink, take no regular medications, and can pass a physical exam with flying colors…except I am fat. You can bet your bottom dollar that I am healthier than a good percentage of people that are covered by insurance who do smoke, drink, take daily medications, but just fall within the weight guidelines. A video by Dr. Victor Bellonzi is included in this informative little article about how genetics absolutely positively has nothing to do with whether a person is overweight or not. Not to state the obvious but he probably has never had a weight problem. To quote Dr. Bellonzi, “If you don’t take the time and the care to watch out for these things you create a different situation.” He is referring to how you treat your genes and that we don’t need to blame genetics for any part of our weight problem because it is totally irrelevant. Really?? So, I guess I cannot blame genetics for my brown hair, blue eyes, large front teeth, my big toe and second toe being the same size, the space between my eyes, the shape of my ears…geez must I go on? So genetics plays a role in all of those features about me but there is no way that it plays a part in my body habitus. Seriously this guy is nuts! “If you are overweight it is not because of your genetics it is because you haven’t treated your genes the way they needed to be treated to get the outcome that you wanted unless you wanted to be overweight so you have to start learning how to treat your genes.” Yes Dr. Bellonzi, you have figured me out…my whole life I have wanted to be fat. Last time I checked we do not have any control on genes we inherently receive from our parents or ancestors. There are plenty of people who are thin and eat whatever they want and never do a drop of exercise but on the flip side there are people who have struggled with their weight their whole lives who do watch their diet and exercise only to have the same outcome. So why is that if genes do not play a role? Genes are a powerful part of our makeup and I did get the fat gene. Do you think it is too late to get a refund?

Until next time, keep laughing!

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