Are fat people supposed to be fat?

Recently I Blog - geneticsfound a study that was done regarding obese people who lost a bunch of weight, shrunk their fat cells, but then gained it right back.  Interesting.  In my book I comment from my experience as a fat chick that I believe everyone has a certain weight their body “likes” and as long as you are going about your day-do-day life feeling good and overall pretty happy, you will stabilize at the weight your body likes.  I have personal experience of this actually happening to me over the years as I discussed in my book.

One of the comments basically said that fat people who lost a tremendous amount of weight ended up a thin person who did not look like they should be thin.  Now this could be subjective, especially since one person’s idea of what looks good thin could be quite the opposite from someone else’s.  I have a good friend who has struggled with weight her whole life and she will drop a lot of weight at times, but when I see her at that lower weight I don’t think it looks good on her.  She is beautiful, but I think her beauty is much more striking with a few extra pounds.  She doesn’t see it that way, but that is where the subjectivity kicks in.

On the flip side, a study of male prisoners who agreed to do a weight-gain experiment showed that in order to gain weight they had to consume in excess of 10,000 calories a day.  When the experiment was over, the weight just seemed to fall off and they went back to their original weight.  This information lends credence to what I’ve been saying all along, being fat is definitely related to genetics somehow.

Everyone is gonna have an opinion but just remember, fat people are harder to kidnap!

Until next time, keep on laughing!

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