YouTube book trailer…

I have been working on my book trailer this weekend with my good friend Chris. The gist of it basically is referring to how certain chairs out there are not fat chick friendly – one in particular being the plastic patio chair which I talk about in my book…

Going to new places is always a little nerve wracking especially when I walk in and see that the tables have those plastic patio chairs that are always so sturdy and easy to get in and out of. You know what I mean. You may be lucky enough to be able to squeeze into the chair and make it through your meal uncomfortably without it collapsing and then get out of it without it being stuck to your ass in which case you have made a mental note to never go to that restaurant again because the stress involved with all the fat disaster possibilities is way too overwhelming for your heart to take and they don’t provide table-side defibrillator service.

Until next time, keep laughing!


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